$SALD will serve as the key to unlocking Salad's products and innovations, and will be integral to our ecosystem's growth and sustainability.

$SALD main utility as a governance token gives the holders the ability to participate in shaping the future of Salad Ventures

Token-holders could vote on adding new games to the Arcaden platform or changes to the reward structure for games.

For example, they might vote on whether to increase or decrease the amount of tickets earned per game or the introduction of new types of rewards, such as exclusive NFTs or additional $SALD tokens​.

Governance token holders might have a say in the educational content offered by Apollo Academy.

This could include voting on new courses, deciding on partnerships with educational content creators, or even shaping the overall educational strategy of the platform.  For instance, they could vote on whether to focus more on GameFi, DeFi, TradeFi, or NFTFi topics, or to introduce new areas of study related to emerging trends in Web 3.0.

As Maslow is a Decentralised Labour Exchange (DLX), token holders could potentially vote on changes to the platform's transaction and payment policies, the implementation of new features, or the integration of different markets (e.g., gig economy, freelancer market, full-time/part-time job market). They might also vote on the use of NFTs as credentials or the introduction of new types of job listings.

Token holders could vote on potential partnerships or collaborations that Salad Ventures might consider

This could involve partnerships with other blockchain projects, integration with other platforms, collaborations with educational institutions for Apollo Academy.

Proposals could be put forward for community building activities, such as promotional events, educational initiatives, or the establishment of new community resources.

While the specifics of this governance model are still being developed, we aim to give our community a voice in important decisions and actions taken by Salad Ventures. Through our governance model, we hope to build a stronger, more engaged community that can drive the long-term success of the Salad ecosystem.

Unlocking Exponential Growth Opportunities

Invest in $SALD for exponential growth opportunities. With new products and a vast network of 200+ partners, owning $SALD means joining an ever-expanding ecosystem of innovation and collaboration. It's more than a token investment; it's a gateway to limitless potential.

Backing of Web3 Giants

@SaladVentures is supported by Web3 giants such as @Multicoin, @Brevanhoward, and @c2ventures. The availability of $SALD tokens exclusively through exchanges fosters a rising tide of buyers, reinforcing the upward momentum and growth potential of the token.

Expanding Ecosystem and Opportunities

With each new product developed by Salad Ventures, the ecosystem expands, creating diverse opportunities for investors. By owning $SALD, they become part of a thriving community and gain access to a broad network of partners, opening doors to endless possibilities.

A Broad and Dynamic Community

Investing in $SALD means joining a community that spans over 6 million Web3 crypto-native users. This global presence provides investors with a vast network of collaborators, innovators, and disruptors, fostering a culture of growth and shared experiences.

Creating Real-World Impact

$SALD represents an investment in creating a positive change. By supporting Salad Ventures, investors contribute to initiatives like empowering guild scholars, expanding X-to-Earn opportunities, and changing lives globally. Investing in $SALD is an investment in impact and legacy.

Time-Sensitive Opportunity

Retail investors have witnessed the early backing of institutional investors such as Multicoin, Brevan Howard, and C2 Ventures in @SaladVentures. Now, they have the chance to seize the opportunity and secure their position as early adopters, benefiting from potential growth and value creation.

Driving the Future of the Ecosystem

With a significant allocation of 20% to the ecosystem fund, investors are not just buying a token; they are actively supporting the development of cutting-edge technologies and fostering innovation within the ecosystem. By owning $SALD, they become catalysts for change and growth.

Guided by Industry Expertise

  Salad Ventures is fortunate to have Charles Wayne, Co-Founder of @Galxe, as an advisor. With his strategic insights and innovative approach, the future of @SaladVentures is set for greater heights. Retail investors who join the journey are not just owning $SALD; they are aligning themselves with a project advised by one of the sharpest minds in the crypto space.

Powering the SuperApp of the Future

Salad Ventures is developing a SuperApp that will revolutionize convenience and utility. By owning $SALD, investors will own a piece of the future, where their mobile phones become a hub for success, enabling work, learning, and earning opportunities all in one place.

Maslow and Transaction Fees

Salad Ventures' decentralized labor exchange, Maslow, is expected to introduce transaction and payment fees. This development sets the stage for $SALD to soar, offering hodlers a say in all policies, including those pertaining to other projects. This advantage positions $SALD as a definite winner in the eyes of investors.

Expanding NFT Series

The G3M and Salad adVentures NFT series from @SaladVentures are just getting started. With over 2.5 million mints already completed, the potential for IP expansion becomes an exciting prospect. Retail investors can acquire $SALD tokens to participate in this thriving ecosystem and claim a piece of the pie.

A2cademy’s Roadmap

 A2cademy, often referred to as the "Udemy of web3," has an exciting roadmap in place, featuring quality gated content for its 100K users worldwide. By holding $SALD tokens, investors can expect the price to rise and enjoy voting rights in all of Salad Ventures' projects, providing them with a stake in the future.

Unlocking Revenue Potential

The success of @SaladVentures is evident in the delivery of over 2.5 million actions for its partners within six months, which, if valued similarly to Facebook's average cost per action of $18, represents a potential revenue of a whopping $45 million. This impressive track record showcases the serious moves and revenue-generating potential of Salad Ventures, with future revenue being utilized to buy back $SALD tokens, consequently decreasing the circulating supply and creating a super bullish outlook.

Collaboration with DeFi Platforms

Salad Ventures is currently in discussions with various DeFi platforms to explore the utilization of $SALD as collateral for loans or to earn interest. This potential integration presents an exciting opportunity for token holders and will be announced once details are finalized.

Impacting Web3

Holding $SALD tokens grants individuals a say in the strategic partnerships, community initiatives, platform and reward structures of @SaladVentures' projects such as @arcadenofficial, @a2cademy, and @x2e_xyz. The power to impact the Web3 space lies within the hands of the community, making $SALD an attractive investment choice.

Impressive Growth Metrics

@SaladVentures has achieved remarkable milestones, with over 2.5 million mints for their G3M NFTs series, more than 40K KYC-ed users, over 50K @arcadenofficial users, and a network of 150 ecosystem partners. These impressive metrics demonstrate the upward trajectory of both @SaladVentures and $SALD, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Wide Listing Availability

$SALD will be listed on renowned exchanges such as @okx, @Bybit_Official, and @kucoincom. With a clear token utility and project roadmap, @SaladVentures ensures accessibility for users. Additionally, the $SALD Token Airdrop campaign allows users to acquire tokens and join the growing community.

Community-Driven Power

@SaladVentures has garnered legendary partners like @pudgypenguins and @0xPolygonLabs, further solidifying its position as a leading project. By holding $SALD, investors gain voting rights and actively participate in shaping the future of Salad Ventures' ecosystem.

Global Reach and Recognition

@SaladVentures has exceeded 40K KYC-ed users, attracted over 150K wallet addresses, and gained recognition from industry-leading organizations and investors. The strong roadmap, solid tokenomics, and voting rights provided to hodlers across all projects make $SALD an exceptional token choice.